Monday, July 8, 2013

Ibotta what?

A quick post for you, if you enjoy saving money as much as I do.

Have you heard of the smartphone app called Ibotta? You may have - you're likely not as behind the times as I am. I saw a friend posting on Facebook about some purchases she made a few weeks ago - organic purchases, at that - where she got rewarded through something called "Ibotta." After seeing a few of these posts, I was intrigued and asked her about it, and followed the links for more information.

My friend informed me that she was indeed earning money back on some of her purchases, and the bonus was it was all fairly simple - or she wouldn't be doing it, she said. You earn money on certain purchases and it's transferred to your PayPal account when you want it to be.

I figured it was worth a try - and earned $13.75 to my account in less than two weeks for just redeeming offers on five products I'd purchased. Of course, $10 of that was for redeeming enough offers in my first two weeks, but still. That's a few sno cones or some other little fun treat for the girls this summer.

Here's how it works: You have certain products, some of which you're likely already going to buy (Almond milk, anyone? Salad? Coconut water? Organic kids' snacks? Potato chips? Eggs? Olive oil? Lip balm?) ... Then you click on that product through the app, take a little poll or read a little fact or something else that takes seconds ... Then once you've purchased it at a participating store (Whole Foods, Walmart, Target, many grocery and pharmacy chains, dollar stores, etc.), you click redeem through the app, where it will take a photo of your receipt, then scan the bar code of the product you purchased. It takes just a few seconds (trust me, if it was complicated or time consuming I would NOT be doing it), and some products are worth a few dollars back, some are worth 50-75 cents or more.

Sound good?

I've decided after using it for a couple of weeks that it's worth it to me to continue using it, so I wanted to share with you for two reasons. The disclaimer is the one for my personal benefit: I earn a dollar for referrals. The other reason is I love a deal, and I've always loved sharing a deal, so I wanted to share this Ibotta thing with you in case you didn't already know about it. Here's the link if you want more information or to join (it's free!):

Have a good week!


  1. Going to research Ibotta right no. I'm a big fan of Ebates and get paypal cash back from them for online purchases. Cash back is always good!


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