Monday, March 7, 2011

Product of the week

I was introduced to the Perfect Foods Bars a few weeks ago by a girl who works at our local health food store. Can I tell you I'm hooked?

These things are incredible. The peanut butter flavor is my favorite - and I'm one of those people who really can't stand peanut butter unless it's sweetened and coated with chocolate. But this is good. There is an incredible amount of protein in the peanut butter flavor.

There are a few other flavors, including a carob for chocolate lovers. I can't vouch for the carob, however, as I hate carob. I have very bad memories of carob from health food stores being forced upon me as a chocolate substitute when I was a child. Why would anyone want to substitute chocolate? Especially knowing the health benefits of quality chocolate? Me? No thanks. If I can't have the real deal, I don't care to have a substitute, thank you very much. The Easter Bunny even brought me carob. I hate it. So the carob may very well be delicious, but as these bars are fairly on the expensive side, I won't be spending my money to try one. Because did I mention that I hate carob?

The downside of these bars, other than the price, is the fact that they need to be kept cool. I'm sure putting them in your pack for a day of hiking won't harm them, but they are supposed to be stored in the refrigerator, which makes it difficult to keep them in your desk for when hunger strikes.

Other than that, they are wonderful. I love them. And I wish I hadn't eaten my last one!


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