Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Praying for a Fellow Food Blogger

I intended to give you a food post today, but I'm just not able to today. I learned yesterday that someone in the food blogging community was hurting. Though I don't know her personally, she is in my Twitter world and I know she is close to my age and also has two daughters. Jennifer Perillo (of In Jennie's Kitchen) is well-known in this community of food bloggers - an ever-expanding community I am fairly new to but love. We all come from different families, friends, political and religious beliefs but we are united in our passion for good food and sharing that passion. I enjoy learning more about these fellow food bloggers and reading about their kitchen adventures.

Jennifer lost her husband to a sudden heart attack the other night. Suddenly, he was gone. And with so much life left ahead of him. I have been heartbroken for her since finding out. She posted a video on her blog yesterday of her husband and one of their daughters dancing, and titled it "one last dance." It took my breath away and I cried for hours after watching it.

This isn't the first time I've learned of tragedy hitting someone I don't personally know through Twitter, Facebook or some other method. I've certainly read several blog posts from fellow bloggers that have made me grieve for their loss of a loved one, be it family or friend. I have cried for them and prayed for their peace and comfort. And certainly there are many losses all around us every day, from life in general or political unrest, or whatever the reason. Certainly there are many in my thoughts and prayers these days, who have lost so much. Life can be tragic. And life can be beautiful.

This time, though, it has rocked me on a deeper level. Perhaps because of the common traits I mention above, she and her family are in my constant prayers and thoughts. I keep wondering how I'd cope if I lost the love of my life, and keep remembering that life can be short - so enjoy it in the moment. Each moment.

Say what you want about technology taking the personal out of life - and it can be true - but it's been my experience that these little (or big) communities within something larger, like Twitter, reach out to each other when a need arises. Words of comfort and condolence are provided in a constant stream to those in need. Or joy and celebration when someone has happy news. So many more people are praying and thinking about Jennifer and her family now because of it. I've already read some beautiful blog posts about her loss that put into words what so many of us are thinking.

Please keep Jennifer and her family in your prayers and your thoughts right now. And give a big hug to each of your loved ones around you right now.


  1. It's rocked me on a deeper level too. I'm hurting for her, with her.
    I'm with you, this new world of technology/social media has brought me more friendships than I could ever have imagined. It's made the world a little bit smaller.

  2. It has, Aggie. I wouldn't have "met" you without it. :)


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