Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Product Highlight: Kinnikinnick Donuts

Do ever just crave donuts, but don't have the time or energy to make them? How about you, or child, is in a situation where everyone around is going to eat a donut but there aren't any gluten-free ones available? This, for our family, is where Kinnikinnick donuts come in. They are pretty darn good for a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, potato-free cake donut.

We honestly enjoy all of the flavors: Maple, chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon-sugar, but I think maple is my personal favorite. They have come in handy many times in several situations, or just when we are craving a quick snack or something sweet to go with protein at a special-occasion breakfast that I haven't had time to bake much for. They aren't like your yeast donuts, but they are definitely a good replacement for cake donuts.


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