Gluten-Free Bargains

I was placing a Vitacost order last night and saw that Tinkyada spaghetti is on sale for $1.99 per package right now, until Sept. 30 or while supplies last. What a great price!

So, I got to thinking maybe I should have a place where I post gluten-free bargains I find. (Consider the above bargain the first bargain shared.) Most of these will be for online purchasing, unless I run across a good one for in-store shopping and feel I need to share.

I will not be actively searching for bargains to post here. I just don't have time for that. I know there are some other blogs and sites that do post this kind of information on a more regular basis, and I know some of you actively search for these bargains. Would you like to help me out?

This can be a page where you post bargains you find in the comments section. I don't plan to edit this post on a regular basis with bargain updates, but I'll keep it maintained through the comments section. If a deal is expired, I'll remove that comment.

Here's a chance at free advertising for you vendors with gluten-free deals. I just want to help fellow gluten-free individuals with saving money. I won't consider your comment spam on this page if you want to promote your deal and/or provide a link AS LONG as pertains to gluten-free living. I will not publish other spam/advertising.

Want to post a bargain? 
-Please leave the expiration date of the bargain(s) in your comment so I'll know when to remove it. 
-Please only list valid online deals along with the link(s) and any necessary codes that may be needed. 
*Disclaimer: I most likely won't be able to check all links provided here, so click on links with caution and with that in mind.


  1. Coupons and codes:

  2. Specials on The Gluten-Free Mall: Deep discounts on specials page:


  4. Gluten-free sales at Go Picnic:

  5. $10 off $39.99 or more Core Foods using code "GlutenFree" for limited time:

  6. 20% off coupon for food allergy coaching services from Cook It Allergy Free: COACHING20

    1. For more info:

  7. Earn cash back into your paypal account for purchases made at the store. Easy app to use on your smartphone, and it's free! $10 bonus when you sign up, if you redeem five offers (purchases) within a certain amount of time:

    For more info:

  8. Additional 25% off for just a few days on the Food Allergy Party Kit for a back-to-school savings! Use code BACKTOSCHOOL25 at Allergy Free Food Coach

  9. I have had to start going to our local food bank, which has one or 2 good gf items when we have gone. The price of food , me being GF and my kids not being GF is so exhorbitant, we have had to start doing whatever we can to save money! That is my bargain tip.

  10. I'm so glad that your food bank is carrying some GF foods! I hope they begin to carry more, and that as awareness increases more GF donations will go to food banks.


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