Friday, March 30, 2012

Beauty Over the Days

I feel like the last couple of weeks have been whirling around in a twister, which is why I thought the above photo was appropriate. This was taken from my front yard the other day, but don't worry - it's just a dust devil, not a tornado. We are still in a heavy drought so we've been seeing a lot of these devils lately. You certainly don't want to be in their path!

On my way to pick my girls up from school, I saw a different one that was more defined than any I'd seen in my lifetime. It was storming in the area, but hadn't hit in town yet. If the clouds had been just slightly different, I would have sworn it was a tornado instead of a dust devil. (I have seen, in person, a tornado form from the sky and come out of the clouds to touch ground.) This was the most twisty and defined dust devil I'd ever seen and it reached what must have been at least 200 feet into the sky - probably much more. I raced home after getting them, hoping to capture it but it fizzled as we got home. This one popped up in a different location several minutes later.

My daughters ran inside to hide, convinced the dust devil would hit us hard. (It didn't.)

I haven't done a good job the last two weeks of sharing the beauty I've been finding and capturing. It's been therapeutic for me, but I just haven't had the time or energy to get them shared with you each day like I'd been doing. I'm hoping this is my catch-up post and it will go back to being regular again. Here are more photos I've taken recently:

Little hands, purple flowers
Pyrrhuloxia eating insects (it never lets me get too close - this was from the window)


Just chillin

Triple view

Sunrise sky

Bee in redbud, cross process. (Love the bokeh on this!)


The bluebonnets are blooming!
Believe this is a great tailed grackle. It was the male - smaller female was following. They are so annoying when I'm napping, but I thought he was pretty impressive to look at in my neighbor's tree!

Buzzards in the sunset

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

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