Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dove In Flight

So I didn't get a photo post done yesterday - the first day I missed since beginning this project. I still found beauty in many things, though.

I may not get a photo taken today, either. We had "family church" at home this morning with our youngest not being well, and are making it an entire day of relaxing (with the exception of yard work on my husband's part). In a few hours, we'll be popping popcorn and watching old shows together again. I love that time as a family.

It's another windy day (do you live in an area with horribly windy, dusty months of spring as well?) and my allergies just really make me want to stay inside. So I'm enjoying beauty in little things like expressions on my children's faces. And of course, the birds at our feeders. (Maybe I will get a photo, after all.)

I wanted to share this photo I took a few days ago. This dove was watching me carefully and wasn't sure of me and my camera way down on the ground below. I was ready when it decided to take flight and thought it was beautiful as it flew away. This particular type of dove is actually a bully to the other birds around our area, and when they are near our feeder I try to shoo them away. They aren't native to our area and cause problems for the doves that are native (and more shy, so I have yet to get a good photo of one). But I found beauty in one the other day. They are beautiful, if bullies.

Why I'm sharing this:

Please find beauty in the rest of your weekend!


  1. Caneel, your picture of the dove is beautiful. Proof that even bullies can be beautiful can't they? I'm loving this series of yours. Mentioned it in my last posting.
    Hope your little one feels better soon.
    Have a great week!

    1. Laureen - thank you so much! I loved your post - it was beautifully written.

      She is better today, and back at school. This time around I really think it was a bad case of allergies hitting suddenly from the dust and wind we've had lately, because she was suddenly almost back to 100% by yesterday afternoon.

  2. I love the idea of a photo a day. THere are so many great projects that encourage it around the web.... I Just need to do it! :-) Your photo is beautiful. This morning I was watching a bird on my patio and wanted to take a photo so badly (it was a type of bird I'd never seen before)... but I missed him before I could grab the right lens.

    We had at home Church yesterday too bc my daughter had been up sick the night before. I have to admit, I LOVED being in pjs all day. :-)

    Have a great start to your week!!!

    1. Kim, thank you! I hope your daughter is better today. YES, I love pjs all day too. :)

      Have a great week yourself - and if you start your photo project be sure to let us know so we can follow it!


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