Thursday, March 8, 2012

Deer, Deer ...

I was pleased to see the deer back in our neighborhood yesterday. I didn't even give them a chance to come to our yard - I walked up the street to capture them before the light faded too much.

We've had such a bad drought that all the animals are suffering. The deer have always come into town off the mountains, drought or not, to sample the yards and water available to them in the evenings. Sometimes on hot days they lounge around in shady yards all day long. But I hadn't seen them in our neighborhood in a few months, until last night.

They watched me carefully, making sure I didn't get too close. No sudden movements on my part and they allowed me to get within about 20 feet of them. I've only been able to get closer a handful of times.

It's a horribly nasty day outside with no glimpse of the mountains hidden beneath the heavy dust in the air. The wind doesn't help one bit, so I won't be venturing out again today. I'm grateful for nights like last night and mornings like the other day when I can get out and take several shots of beauty surrounding me. On days like this, I can enjoy that beauty all over again.

I hope you find beauty in your day.

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  1. Caneel, you truly are blessed to have so much beauty around you! I love deer but never get to see them in our neighbourhood. I guess they've been crowded out by the city :(

    1. Laureen, I'm so sorry - that's sad! Yes, I am blessed!


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