Friday, March 16, 2012

First Monarch

In the midst of a day that could have been very ugly for me, I forced myself to get out and enjoy some beautiful times. Even if I have a bad day, I need to find beauty. We all do.

We spent some time this morning with a close family friend, laughing, talking and enjoying her always-beautiful yard no matter what time of year it is. We were sitting down to a snack when my oldest spotted a monarch flitting about a bush about 30 feet away. We all ran over there with our cameras and tried to capture its beauty on the gorgeous purple flowers. (I have more photos of this time to share with you later.)

This is the first monarch I've seen this spring. Today was the perfect day for me to see it.

Later, we were blessed with a short but beautiful rain shower complete with thunder that freaks the dogs out. We've been in a terrible drought for more than a year, and it was about a year ago that we became plagued with one wildfire after another. We still are in desperate need of rain - lots and lots of rain - so we welcome every drop that falls from the sky. What once was a dreary thing for me living in another part of the country is now a wondrous sight and sound.

I'll have a busy weekend filled with family time so I don't know if I'll get another post in over the weekend. I hope your weekend is filled with beauty!

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