Friday, January 28, 2011

Product I can't live without of the week

Have you been craving hamburgers (or veggie burgers) but just can't get the taste you've missed because you don't have good buns to use? These are what you need. We had tried several burger buns but were left very disappointed. They fell apart, dissolved, tasted terrible ... until we found O'Dough's. These are good. Very good. They even have sesame seeds on top (but I think they also make some without). If your local stores don't carry them, ask if they are able.

The second best choice to O'Dough's are made by Schar. They just aren't quite as good as these, but they don't fall apart as much as the other brands. The Schar also do really well for turkey sandwiches.

Udi's has announced they will be making hamburger and hot dog buns. I'm really excited to try these when they finally come out. We've been waiting for a decent hot dog bun to hit the stores -- I hope these will live up to our expectations!


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