Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bare Redbud Branches and Hidden Sparrows

I spent some time after lunch this afternoon listening to the tractor as my husband landscapes our drive and walking around the treasures my children were hunting down for their camp. I walked with camera in hand, taking shots of odds and ends and wondering which I would share today.

A few little female sparrows were gossiping loudly among the branches above my head and then angrily flew into the redbud tree nearby. I tried to capture them among the branches, and caught a glimpse of one (see below) but as I tried to get a good focus on her as she moved from branch to branch, twittering at the others, it struck me that I liked the colors of the bare redbud branches against the blue sky. They won't be bare for much longer, and I'd never noticed how beautiful they could be just by themselves.

I hope you found beauty this weekend, and find it in each day of this new week.

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