Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hello Cardinal ...

I wish I had a clearer shot of this beautiful little girl and hopefully I can stage a stakeout on the birds to get some better photos outside our house soon. I hadn't seen a cardinal in a while, and haven't seen her male companion yet, and I couldn't get too close to the window without spooking her so this was taken several feet from the window.

(Edit 2/13/12: Before I'm corrected by bird enthusiasts more knowledgeable than myself, I should note that as I was skimming my bird book to correctly identify another bird I'm posting today, I came across the cardinal page and realized that this wasn't the northern cardinal female we see so often at times here with her bright red male companion, but a female "gray cardinal" or pyrrhuloxia.)

We've had this this little window feeder outside of our dining room for a couple of years now and love it. The finches are what grace us with their presence most often, but occasionally we'll get the cardinals and a few other birds. The sparrows prefer the suet bricks in the tree feeder a few feet away, but if they run out, they'll show up in the window.

It's pretty neat when we are eating and the birds are, too.

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