Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gluten Free Ratio Rally Popovers

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The first Wednesday of the month really did a number to sneak up on me this month and make me completely forget about the Gluten-Free Ratio Rally for February. Popovers! I adore popovers and I missed out on the challenge - the first rally for me to miss since I began so many months ago.

(If you aren't familiar with the rally and the amazing way to free yourself in the kitchen and make any recipe your mind fancies, check out my rally page here.)

As I mentioned in my last post about green juice, I actually had a really good excuse to be forgetful when I had surgery and all. And my oldest daughter's 9th birthday. NINE! And guests etc. all happening in January. I've just needed to take it a lot easier lately, for my health, on top of everything else.

I couldn't let my readers miss out on the other great popover recipes the other rally participants baked up, though. Because did I mention that I really love popovers? Back in my gluten days, I made some great ones. They were actually the first "roll" type bread I ever attempted as a child. After I made a successful batch of them, I made them A LOT throughout my growing up years. I can't wait to try them gluten-free (can you believe I haven't attempted them these past few years?) and I hope you do, too.

Get started with the following recipes, and check out the host post by Mrs. R over at Honey from Flinty Rocks.

Brooke | B & the boy! – Chocolate & Sweet Potato Popovers –

Charissa | Zest Bakery – Lemon Vanilla Popovers with Minnesota Raspberries –

Claire | My Gluten free home – Chai Popovers –

Erin Swing | The Sensitive Epicure – Popovers –

Ginger Bardenhagen – chive and black pepper; toasted onion and aleppo pepper –

gretchen | kumquat – strawberry cream cheese popovers –

Heather | Discovering the Extraordinary – Basic Popovers –

Jenn | Jenn Cuisine – Chocolate Popovers –

Jonathan | The Canary Files – Cinnamon & Star Anise Popovers –

Mary Fran | FrannyCakes – Gluten-Free Honey Coconut Popovers –

Morri | Meals With Morri – Little Bitty Popover Bites –

Rachel/The Crispy Cook – Corny Popovers –

TR | No One Likes Crumbley Cookies – Sweet Cherry Popovers –


  1. Even though you didn't do this month, I really appreciate you posting all the participants anyway. I really hope you have time in February to do one, because I'll definitely link it in my post.

    Stay healthy. Be well. And keep on being awesome.

    <3 M.


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