Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beauty in Laundry

Sunday afternoons are family time for us. We usually go to church Sunday morning, or have "family church" at home, then try to spend the remaining day relaxing. We did a good job of this after lunch, watching "All Creatures Great and Small" episodes together and eating popcorn.

I was enjoying time with my family - a beautiful thing in itself - and so didn't remember to pull out the camera. A little while ago I was wondering whether to even post anything for today and then I saw it. The pile. Two piles, actually, of laundry.

In my fatigue lately, the laundry has suffered greatly. Oh, I've made sure my family has always had clean clothes. We've just had to fish them out of the dryer or the laundry basket(s) more often than I'd like recently. I hate doing laundry. More specifically, I don't have a problem washing and drying the clothes but I suffer in the motivation for folding and putting them away. (I really need to get back into my Bill Cosby routine.) The whole family does help out with this, but sometimes especially with tiredness and busyness, it's just easier (or so I tell myself) to fish it out of the basket.

Please tell me I'm not the only one this happens to. (?)

So when I saw the pile of laundry this evening as I was pondering about a blog post and not taking a photo of something I found beautiful today, it struck me that the pile of laundry was beautiful. It was beautiful because the fact that it was so great in volume meant that I had a family who was using those clothes, towels and more. I'm grateful for that. And it was beautiful because the fact that it was still sitting there meant that I spent time doing nothing but relaxing with my family today.

So I added a little quote to the photo, and I hope you enjoy it. And I hope you find beauty in your evening. Tomorrow I hope to have another recipe for you.

Why I'm sharing this:


  1. I love this, Caneel. And I'm in the same boat: I can "do" laundry all the live-long day, but when it comes to folding and returning it to drawers, I'm not so great.

    But this (the presence of dirty laundry) is beautiful to me, too.

    Thanks for sharing your "dirty laundry" with us. Ha!


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