Saturday, February 18, 2012

Reddy, Tomato or Cherry

House finches are the most common bird we get in our dining room window feeder. We always put a little nyjer seed (the finches' favorite) in the bottom and top with regular bird food. I find so much beauty in these simple birds. I love the red display on the males, and the females have such a lovely cream and brown pattern.

My daughters have named the male finches "Reddy," "Tomato" and "Cherry." They believe they know the difference between the three, and I'm almost convinced that they do. I love watching all of the birds, but I think the finches are my favorite. In the spring when the babies are hatching, I watch to see the different types of birds introduce the little ones to the feeders. I was quite amused one afternoon to watch one father finch insist that his daughter follow him, scolding her, and she defiantly flew away - with dad chasing and chattering with what sounded like quite a bit of anger. I had to chuckle, as it reminded me so much of us with our daughters.

Today, my youngest insisted this male was Reddy sitting on the branch against the overcast sky, waiting his turn at the feeder after his female companion was finished.

I hope you find also find beauty in your day.

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