Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cleansing Chicken Soup

This is the best chicken soup. Ever. My husband and children agree. I'm just going to link directly to this recipe, but I will tell you that I follow it almost exactly with the exception of the chicken feet (sorry, but gross!). I also use about half a bunch of parsley instead of a whole, and about 2 inches of ginger instead of 4. Lastly, I often use just organic chicken breasts or breasts and thighs. I realize that much of the nutrients in this soup is retrieved from cooking the bones of the entire chicken, but I have some serious issues with chicken skin and things that float in around after cooking a whole chicken. My mom always made chicken soup with a whole chicken and I was constantly picking out things that grossed me out. Don't skip out on the organic extra virgin coconut oil (it's extremely healthy) and the apple cider vinegar being raw. It really needs to be to get the best benefits.

If you're not feeling well, this is the soup for you. If you want comfort food, this is the soup for you. I like to freeze about half of it. I freeze about 1/4 of it for another meal and then I freeze the other 1/4 in individual servings to pull out and defrost when someone has a cold or flu and wants this ultimate feel-good meal.

It does take literally all day to make, so get it started on a morning you plan to be home all day. In Jordan Rubin's book Perfect Weight America (not a gf book, but a good book nevertheless), he names this soup cleansing chicken soup. That's where I got the recipe. On his Perfect Weight America site, however, he names it Cold and Flu Bustin' Spicy Chicken Soup. And there's the link for you. Hover over the soup words if you don't see it.

I like to serve it with these delicious crackers, as close to saltines as you'll find gluten-free.


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