Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When your appliances are out of commission ...

Well isn't this a lovely thing? We called the gas company to come check on our hot water heater and range because of occasional gas smells. I really didn't think much of it because this has happened before and they've never found anything. But today was different. Leaks in both that aren't able to be repaired. The only solution is to buy new appliances. *sigh*

I have stopped crying hysterically now and am trying very hard to look at the bright side. Holiday baking may have been put on temporary hold but this means I can catch up on wrapping presents and last-minute shopping. This means I can share some recipes with you (later this evening) of some of the things I made before this happened. And my family will get a crockpot meal tonight. Feeling thankful for crockpots.

We are getting a new water heater and range today so I'll hopefully be back in commission tomorrow. *FINGERS CROSSED* that I won't ruin any baking with the new oven before we get to know each other. I'm not by any means getting my dream range today. It's a bare bones one, but it is the same size as my current one and still gas, which I prefer. Same brand, so hopefully there won't be any major changes. I will be sad to see my ancient oven go, but I guess it's for the best. Safety first.

Now on to that wrapping and shopping, and a post for you later.


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